I got the news bug early on in my life. When I was in 6th grade, I saved up all the money I earned from babysitting and bought a video camera so I could interview people and shoot video before summer vacation. I landed my first job in the media hosting a daily call in programme for a country music radio station, when I was in 8th grade.’ Tiffany Murphy

Tiffany Murphy KFDM is a new performance about ME Tiffany Murphy and Tiffany Murphy a blonde, beautiful, and basic news anchor for KFDM in South-East Texas. Expect a terrible American accent, a lot of desperation and FAKE NEWS in this new semi-autobiographical performance which explores success, failure and the contemporary American dream.

 From cut-up constructed interviews between the two of us, ballads expressing my hatred of Tiffany Murphy and failed attempts at pirouettes, I use the other Tiffany as a vehicle to explore my own feelings of failure, as well as a means to question what success is in my field as a performance artist. Using live performance, video, manipulated sound and song this performance fuses live art, musical theatre and clowning and questions what ‘work’ and ‘good work’ is through exploring two very different Tiffany Murphys.

Supported by the Marlborough Theatre, with thanks to The Glory and Unicorn Theatre.