Created with Company B

MY NAME IS B is inspired by Hans Christian Anderson’s tale of The Red Shoes and Josef Breuer’s case study of Anna O, which saw the birth of the Talking Cure.

The audience are invited to view B on her 21st birthday, as her psychological struggles play out through a never ending cycle of systematic daydreaming, panic and self-affirmation framed by B’s never ending march on red high heels.

Emma Berentsen, Umit Erlim, Anthony Keigher and Tiffany Murphy are COMPANY B - an international performance collective. They make work that merges four different viewpoints, creating a hybrid form of challenging, devised work.

''Both rigorous and wanton and is driven by the authentic individualism of the company... an intense and almost redemptive experience'' - Graeme Miller

My Name is B was conceived for Goldsmiths MA in Performance Making Final Shows Festival 'In the Flesh' 2014, and has since been performed at Arts Admin as a part of 'BANNER', Camden People's Theatre and Proud Archivist. 

Photo Credit: Ludo

Video Credit: Samuel Ashley