Created with Olivia Lamont and Hannah Fisher

It’s Where We Go is a site-specific performance which explores the British seaside and the phenomenon of nostalgia, through live performance and audio.

The audience are invited into a collective and personal journey, as they are given their own audio device, which invites them into a curated collection of memories gathered from across the country, related to the seaside.

This performance incorporates both local themes and universal. The performance questions the notion of ‘The British Seaside’ as a recognisable neutral space (of which the audience can make common associations), as well as including specific stories from beaches all over the UK.

  It’s Where We Go, celebrates community, memory and the unique British Seaside. Come and share your memories with us

It's Where We Go has been part of Coastival Festival, Scarborough, Herne Bay Festival, Kent and Tenby Arts Festival, Wales.