Created with Emma Berensten

“It’s difficult you know to find words now to say you know, like it’s difficult because you know like she is the victim you know and I am the one who did it, so it is already been done you know. I can’t really say sorry you know because that would be too easy”
(Jeffrey; recorded Sept 2014)

Anne meets Jeffrey tells the true story of two teenagers meeting in the middle of the night. Jeffrey wanted it to be a love story, but it is not a love story and will never be one. Their encounter that night changed both their lives forever. On her own terms, Anne decides to meet Jeffrey again seven years later in an attempt to reclaim her power.
Anne Meets Jeffrey is a new collaboration between Emma Berentsen and Tiffany Murphy based on the rape case of Anne, which explores reconstruction and memory through live performance, video and sound. 

The two performers encounter the challenges of witnessing and remembering especially in the event of trauma. Anne Meets Jeffrey is an intimate and engaged performance about the fear of dying, losing dignity and reclaiming power by facing your biggest fear.
Dramaturgical advice: Raz Weiner
With many thanks to the Unicorn Theatre, London, Goldsmiths College, University of London and Camden People's Theatre.

Video Credit: Samuel Ashley