"A whirlwind of facial and body movements that you didn’t think possible from any human being. That girl needs help."

Tiffany Murphy is an award-winning performer and performance maker whose work aims to challenge both the performer and the spectator within a seemingly accessible setting. She is interested in the quest for ‘authenticity’ in performance, and the emphasis of presence over representation as a performer. Her performance work is a fusion of live art, musical theatre and clowning.

Tiffany has a BA (Hons) in Theatre and Performance Studies from the University of Warwick and an MA in Performance Making from Goldsmiths, University of London. She is a solo artist and associate artist of X+CO. with Xnthony.

Selected performances: DOUZE with X+CO., Dublin Fringe, Edinburgh Fringe, Prague Fringe, Vaults; Anne Meets Jeffrey (Arts Council England funded) with Emma Berensten, VEEM, Amsterdam, Battersea Arts Centre; My Name is B, Arts Admin, Camden People's Theatre, London; The Power of Wow, Dublin Fringe, Hackney Showroom.